Welcome to EBSS

EBSS is a society established to

  • Improve the quality of the debate on seismic strengthening policies
  • Lobby central and local governments to implement evidence based seismic strengthening policies
  • Provide information to building owners who are adversely affected by the implementation of the current seismic strengthening policies
  • Provide assistance to building owners who may have received poor advice from engineers on seismic strengthening matters

EBSS is running the following campaigns

  • Lobbying for sensible evidence based seismic strengthening legislation
  • A test case challenging the Wellington City Council’s designations of earthquake prone buildings on the basis that the test that was applied was unlawful
  • Making the NZSEE withdraw its %NBS risk grading framework because it falsely represents life safety risk. MBIE will also be asked to withdraw its support for the framework
  • Promoting an alternative evidence based life safety based grading system
  • Assisting owners who have received poor advice from engineers to seek redress

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Recent Updates

Test case battle lines drawn

On 17 March there was a hearing in the District Court.  At issue was the WCC’s application to have a detailed seismic assessment (DSA), purportedly based on an American engineering standard, accepted as evidence for the Appeal of MBIE’s Determination ruling on the EPB status of 124 Wakefield St. This is unusual. An appeal should normally be argued on the…
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MBIE’s response to the Christchurch Royal Commission’s recommendations on communicating earthquake risk

  On 13 February 2017, MBIE released their final report on the Christchurch Royal Commission’s recommendations.  In this update we examine the Commissions recommendations on communicating earthquake risk and make an assessment of MBIE’s actions. The Commision stated: In many cases, the building industry and the public don’t fully understand or appreciate the risk that some buildings pose in earthquakes,…
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EBSS Press Release: Report shows MBIE intends to flout Supreme Court ruling on earthquake prone buildings

An EBSS report ‘Don’t mention the law’, on MBIE’s proposed regulations and methodology for identifying earthquake prone buildings, shows that the Chief Executive, David Smol, intends to flout a landmark Supreme Court decision. The law provides that the earthquake prone building test is against performance in a defined moderate earthquake. The Supreme Court, in a 2014 decision, ruled that the…
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Test Case Update: Documents confirm Determination bias

On 5 June 2016 draft guidelines for the Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings were released (available at eq-assess.org.nz). They will replace the NZSEE guidelines that have driven Wellington City Council’s seismic strengthening policy. At a high level the new guidelines are mostly just a rehash and justification of the original guidelines. The documents support our conclusion, if there were any…
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